Book Airbnb and Earn Frequent Flyer Points

Book Airbnb and Earn Frequent Flyer Points

How to book Airbnb and earn frequent flyer points and miles.

AirBNB Guest House

Airbnb has forged an advertising and marketing deals with numerous airlines enabling vacationers to earn a point for its very own frequent flier miles program for every dollar sent for short-term rentals.


Rentals to be booked through, where the customers is redirected to the Australian Airbnb website to complete the reservations.

More than 11 million individuals of Qantas’s frequent flyer awards program can earn the points redeemable for travel and other rewards by booking reservations at any of Airbnb’s 2.5 million accommodations worldwide.

The fine print on booking with Qantas

Qantas Bonuses may be earned only by the member in whose name the booking is made and must be booked through Qantas website.

Yet the promotion is a sign that airlines are recognizing the growing respectability of shorter term rentals.

Delta miles with Airbnb

In order to earn miles through this partnership you have to start your Airbnb booking through

This works the same approach as an online shopping portal, meaning you have to enter your SkyMiles number on this website, and then will be redirected to Airbnb’s website, which will track your activity and credit you miles.

There’s certainly no limit to how many bonus miles you can earn, and miles should be deposited in eligible SkyMiles accounts 6-8 weeks after the completion of an eligible stay.

Virgin America

Virgin America also partners with Airbnb, and offers one Elevate point per dollar spent with Airbnb.

In general I’d say one Virgin America Elevate point is worth significantly more than the individual Delta SkyMile.

What is AirBNB ?

AirBNB is a hospitality online service helping people list vacant homes and unit for short tern holiday rental charging a service fee.

According to AirBNB it has 3,000,000 listing in 65,000 cities and growing even boasting rental off 1,400 castles.

How Airbnb works

Airbnb provides an online marketing hub for hosts connecting vacationers with a place to stay. Travelers can search a multitude of properties online in many counties and cities.

Travelers can pay a premium called guest service fee this covers  customer support and host Guarantee.

Airbnb hold payment for 24 hours after check in before releasing payment to the host.


AirBNB has taken the world by storm AirBNB has done in years what most hotels groups have taken 100 years to do. Best start booking with AirBNB have a great experience and earn points i have only had great experiences.

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