Budget Travel Advice Italy Rome Prices Slashed

Budget Travel advice Rome Italy

a Guide to doing it yourself.

Travel Advice Italy Finding the best Travel Advice Italy looking for the best deals for sites seeing the Coliseum and Vatican. Iconic Rome Italy a location in a majestic country full of history and glamour.

Furthermore trying to fit in all the sites is expensive you don’t want to miss anything. Embarking on historical adventures looking back in time experience art love and history.

Travel Advice Italy Rome

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Magical fountains like the Fontana Di Trevi. Breathtaking fountain is said to bring lost lovers together.

Fontana Di Trevi, from stone and it features the Roman virgin Trivia as its centerpiece. Trevi fountain built in the eighteenth century is still as decadently famous and beautiful like originally intended.

Vatican Palace, holds a collection of museums on very diverse subjects:

Displays of classical statuary, Renaissance painting, Etruscan relics, Egyptian artifacts, not to mention the furnishings and decoration of the palace itself.

Vatican City, small independent country sets at right at the center of the capital of the country. The current pope of the time still resides in this glorious and absolutely breathtaking attraction. Cheap Vatican City tickets Click Here 

The Colosseum, or ‘Colosseo’ in Italian, once the biggest amphitheater built by The Roman Empire.Travel Advice Rome

Constructed in the first century AD by the Emperor Vespasian as a place for the people of Rome to enjoy.

A visit to the Colosseum offers emphatic experience peaking back to lives of Roman citizens.

The Roman Forum – Free 

Ancient city center served  the most important place in Roman society. Center of the world for Romans judicial, commercial, and political life.

Walk along streets that were once used by the ancient Romans, as well as seeing some of the more intact structures.

In addition the Arch of Septimius Severus, virtually untouched Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Vesta are also well preserved.

Travel Advice Italy – Cheapest time to Travel August

If you head out to Rome in August, for example, you’ll find hotel rates slashed.

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How to get around Rome Car or Bus? 

If your goal is to see Rome in depth, you must be ready to walk. Rome’s narrow streets and cobblestone walkways most alleys and roads are just too tight for a car best travel advice is to walk.

Best Food your In Rome Eat Pizza 

Pizza Rome Italy Rectangular and served by the slice, Pizza al Taglio is the best ‘fast food’ Rome has to offer.

Simply pick out which pizza takes your fancy, nod when they slice up the right amount (make it a big slice. No judgement here) and they’ll give you a price based on the weight. The Roman-style is to eat standing just outside the pizzeria – the perfect snack during a day’s sightseeing. (Source Sky Scanner )

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