Hotel Rewards Programs The Easy Way

Hotel Rewards Programs

Hotel Rewards ProgramsHotel Rewards Programs if you use frequently enough Hotels are lining up to reward you with free stays during for future visits “they want your business”.

Many hotel organisations offer a points rewards system giving you the opportunity to capture a free night or two down the road.

However, you need a little extra help in order to achieve this endeavor and a hotel rewards card might just really help you out.

Charge just about anything and you’ll reap points faster for nifty rewards later.

Free airline miles, hotel stays, great gifts, even cash back are some ways you can maximize the benefits of a rewards card.

Today, several hotel chains including Marriott, Choice Hotels, Starwood, Hilton, and even Harrah’s are some of the hotels actively courting your business through the use of their affinity cards.

Hotel Rewards Example

Accor Hotels and the Le Club Program offer Silver ,Gold and Platinum status program Accor Hotels have 3,500 hotels world wide.

Accor Le Club works on a badge systems and offers points that can go towards Hotels Events activities and more.

Every offer with these types of cards varies, but in many cases you will find a similar theme. Get the latest form Accor Hotels Click Here !!!!

Is this the best deal for you deal that is right for you:

What to look out for.

One or more free nights included just by signing up.

  • Hotel Rewards programs, ranging from 2500 to 15,000 with your first purchase. This means that if you purchase and charge a candy bar, you can get all of these points for free!
  • No annual fee. Some hotel cards do charge an annual fee, but those that don’t are finding are most sort after.
  • Upgrades. Some hotel cards allow you to redeem your points for room upgrades and free meals.
  • Fine Print, it is important to discover what is in all of the fine print of these cards including:
  • Introductory low or no interest rate term.
  • Free balance transfers from high paying credit cards to a low, fixed rate card.
  • Points on other purchases including grocery, gas station, and so much more.
  • Online account management and fraud protection.
  • Travel insurance and other travel related benefits.

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Conclusions, if you never stay at a particular chain then using their card makes little sense, so shop around for the best card at the best hotel that you are certain to use.

We love your feedback and idea’s on Earning Hotel Rewards Programs and more.

Happy Traveling Josh –

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