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Best Travel CouponsFind the Best Travel Coupons and Save

Travel means eating out and eating out leads to spending money, find the Best Travel Coupons and Save on vacations all discounts are especially welcome.

Travel coupon websites provide fast and easy ways to slash your travel expenses.

We have listed the best sites — here are our picks for solid sites offering big discounts on everything from hotels to experiences and restaurants.

Find the best travel coupons

Daily, users of sites like Groupon and Living Social email discounted coupons (“vouchers,” “deals,” etc.) daily literally 100’s of deals are on offer daily.

They are emailed then printed out or download for later use directly with the retailers.Tracking deals is easy with mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter and email alerts.

Examples on use Destination is Sydney Australia just search Living Social Sydney instant access to 100’s of deals and experiences.

Weekend Getaways ( could now be free) 
Planning a weekend getaway? LivingSocial Escapes offers various travel packages at super discounted rates. Most deals are lodging-based, like a Napa Valley B&B weekend — but you’ll also find the occasional water skiing or valley tours packages.

After you purchase a travel deal, encourage  your friends or family via a tweet, Facebook post or email.

If 3 friends buy the deal using your link, your package is FREE.

Furthermore with travel sites like Expedia, Groupon Getaways offers handpicked deals on hotels and resorts – best of all, with a booking guarantee.

Skyscannerskyscanner is a travel deal/booking engine hybrid that incorporates TripAdvisor ratings with fewer restrictions than other coupon sites.

Sites to …Find the best travel coupons

You’ll want to keep yourself occupied while on vacation — and that takes money. But fret not. Sister site LivingSocial Adventures offers great deals on a wide-range of adventures and activities like kayaking, yoga and mud runs.

For local Food, check out Groupon, which can save you up to 75% on restaurants, spas and many more entertainment options.

Consider Groupon Now! offerings — 50%-off vouchers around the US on food, bars and other entertainment options within the next 24 hours. GrouponLive and G-Passes promise entertainment tickets and expedited admission. Refer a friend to sign up for Groupon and earn a $10 credit when they buy their first coupon.

Sites to … Save Money 
Amazon Fashion “what’s new in fashion and fun,” primarily for fashion. The site offers occasional  travel-useful products like language CDs bicycles and luggage. Ditto for style savings site Amazon Sports for golf, luggage, recreation and more.

Try Government auctions travelling for the long term try buying a car Cheap instead of renting at Government Auctions 

Read the Fine Print best travel advice 
Travel industry small print can be tricky . Coupon sites try constantly to simplify things, but various murky exceptions and blackout dates could apply. Again with any travel booking, read (and reread) the fine print carefully.

A recent coupon site offering safari packages, for instance, advertised itself as $2,889 but excluded an $430 entrance fees, gratuities and other expenses listed at the bottom of the page.

Offers could also sell out at any time, and availability is not guaranteed. Hotels might sell $300 rooms during a big event, your $100 Groupon room may disappear (though you will be refunded). And maybe often unclear when you become the retailer’s responsibility.

Coupon sites complicate things further by claiming “no questions” 30-day return policies on one page, then “case by case basis” on another

Confirm all return policies and whom to call for what and always read fine print.

Fine Print,  Why the Search Is Worth It!

Travelers comment that coupons aren’t always the vast savings these sites claim 70% off and more. Also not uncommon is a coupon offer that is no better than a deal found right on the hotel’s own website.

It’s a strategy of this web site to first check discount websites then go straight to the hotel or airline.

To actively search for a deal or property you want. Few coupon sites have a search function; you just have to sign up for the alerts and wait.

Further, sites might offer hotel rooms “from $99,” yet no matter what combination of dates you enter, all you get back are those from $436. Did they sell out?

Good news is that all your patience pays off in Save Big find the Best Travel Coupons Websites through a coupon groups or your own hard work.

Happy Traveling

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