Super Cheap Flights Skiplagged and Skyscanner

Use Skyscanner and Skiplagged for Super Cheap Flights

Skiplagged Review

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Super Cheap Flights On Board Jet Plane

I am going to say it now this is F#*Cking cool Skiplagged is amazing cheapest super cheap flights I can find “EVER” it comes with a catch is ” hidden city ticketing” awesome.

Hidden city ticketing fare is about booking a connection within your flight you may or may not take the extra leg of your travel.

You now don’t have to search through hundreds of listing on 40 plus travel sites all you have to know do is join Skiplagged and look fo the best deal.

The Pro’s

Skiplagged does not only does one-way travel they also offer return flights to multiple international destinations with Super Cheap Flights.

Skiplagged does also offer Hotel booking service that looks great and pricing is very good though I have not used the hotel service yet.

The Con’s FAQ’s 

You have to book (2) one-way flights – but other deals are available.

You can only bring carry-on luggage If you check bags, they’ll end up at the final destination. Carry-ons ok, but get there a bit early to ensure cabin space.

Do not use your frequent flier account to earn miles for these flights you do, the airline might invalidate any miles you’ve accrued with them.

You may be breaking an agreement with the airlines known as contracts of carriage, where it could say you can’t miss flights on purpose.

furthermore, you know you are on to a good hack with Skipplgged being sued for disrupting the market. 


Skyscanner flight search is one of Europe’s leading flight search engines.

Their website gets over 50 million unique visitors a month and their popular mobile app has been downloaded over 40 million times.

Is it’s reliable in “getting budget flights”. Be very careful about booking third party booking agents. Many tales of instances on travel forums where travel plans have gone amiss.

Hope on the airline booking site see if they can book the flight cheaper you could even use flyer miles and points if available.

Kayak and Matrix might be better to search for the best flights/prices.

The Pro’s

Skyscanner has a clean layout 1000’s of flights and hotel deals very easy to compare flights Skyscanner a great place to get started.

Prefer booking your hotels or car hire separately then Skyscanner is the site for you another note easy to navigate template.


Look for the little green box with an arrow this means rates are live. Not all travel sites have this option


Skyscanner front page is very well done monthly deals recommendations for your next vacation and super cheap flights at your fingertips.

The Cons

Confusion could Occur while you view your preferred flight details meaning you may not see the actual flight date it’s confusing.

Problems fine tuning your search system is not clear on seats what to do when traveling with children.

Confusion and limited communication may result in a phone call or multiple calls to get your travel plans organized.

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