Travel Advice best time to Fly from LA Airport

Travel Advice Best time to Fly from LA Airport  Experts Recommend

best time to Fly from LA AirportIf you need to fly Los Angles, you may wish you knew what was best time to Fly from LA Airport.  

What use to be a cheap trip across the country is now one that most Americans cannot afford.  Whether you are flying across the country or to the next state, you want to save money.

There are many money saving travel tips available online.  These are nice, but who has the best tips?  The travel experts and what do they have to say?

Avoid weekend departures.

This is when most people travel, as they don’t have to miss additional work.  If you can, fly on Wednesday.  Wednesday is the best and cheapest day to fly.  What are the worst?

The worst and most expensive days to fly in the United States are usually Mondays and Fridays.  Why is this?  Friday is usually reserved for the weekend warriors.  Monday flights are loaded with those traveling for businesses.  You can easily save at least $100 by departing on Wednesday instead.

Best time to Fly from LA Airport Consider flying in the vacation off-season.

If you are flying to take a vacation, consider waiting.  What is your destination and when is the off-season?  For instance, Florida is most popular in the winter and New York is most popular in the summer.  By avoiding peak seasons, you could save money on flights, but your car rental and hotel BONUS.

Why are these special discounts offered in the off-season?

Airlines have no problem filling up flights from New York to Orlando in January, as those in the Northeast want to escape the cold.  It is however, harder for them to fill the same flight in the month of July.

The Northeast now has warm and beautiful weather, so less travel.  With that said, the airline still needs to fly between these destinations.  To ensure a full flight, they offer deals and discounts.

Avoid flying during the holiday.

Best time to Fly from LA Airport is avoiding holidays season. Although it is cheaper to depart on a Wednesday than a Friday, there is one simple way you can save money.  That is stay home for the holidays.

Airfare rocket upwards near to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Why is this? Airlines know this is when Americans travel the most.  Staying home is nice, but don’t let it ruin your holidays.

If want to fly back home to spend Thanksgiving with your parents, do it.  Price compare to find the best deals and leave early.  Around the holidays, the most expensive flights are the two days before the holiday.  Arrive three to four days before Thanksgiving; you should find better airfare rates.

Best time to Fly from LA Airport Book your flight at the right time.

Did you know that when you book your flight is just as important as when you depart?  Most travelers are surprised to hear this.  Travel experts state there are two good times to make airline reservations.  They are Wednesday morning and Saturday morning.  Around these times, airlines review their status for their upcoming flights.  If there are more seats to fill, cheap discounts are temporarily offered.

As you can see, there are many ways to fly cheap in the United States.  According to the experts, you should avoid holidays, fly on Wednesdays, book your flight on Wednesday or Saturday morning, and vacation in the off-season.  If you can implement these expert recommended money saving travel tips, do it.  You may save hundreds of dollars on airfare for the best time to Fly from LA Airport.

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